Upon the release of Team Foundation Server 2018 and subsequent updates, Microsoft announced that XAML Build would no longer be supported. This meant that some customers were unable to upgrade to the new version or were forced to contact support to reenable this feature after the upgrade completed. Therefore, in TFS 2018 Update 2, XAML Build is enabled, but has been deprecated. There will be no more investment in XAML Build. Furthermore, Microsoft Test Manager will no longer support using XAML Build.

This is not an ideal situation for those that have invested in XAML Build and would prefer not to migrate their XAML builds to the web-based, cross-platform build system at this time. This is where PRAKTIK steps in. We offer full support for XAML Build, including creating XAML build agents and build definitions. Additionally, we provide migration support for those who decide it is time to move to the new build system.

The New Build System

The benefits of the newer build system are many – including build definition history and the ability to use external source control systems – but one of the most notable benefits is the Marketplace. XAML Build allows for custom build tasks. However, there is no centralized place to go to find ready-made tasks. The Marketplace provides this place for the new build system. The capabilities of any build can be expanded to suit any scenario with just a click.

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