Although Q4 is riddled with holidays and long weekends, the Azure DevOps team still managed to deliver innovative and exciting features. In this post, we will highlight some of these new features that were released in Q4 2023.

GitHub Integration – Improved AB# validation (private preview)

When linking to a Pull Request using the AB#{ID} syntax, you only know if the link is successful by looking at the work item or notice the ID turn into a link. Q4 saw a private preview featuring enhancements to the Azure Boards GitHub experience to better inform you of the validity of a work item. This helps you identify and fix bad links before a Pull Request is merged. To be a part of the private preview, contact the team directly.

Work item filtering

In the past, you needed to create a custom query in order to find and access a particular piece of data. Now, though, finding this data is much easier with a feature called work item filtering. Work item filtering will allow you to hover over your work item chart for a quick overview. You can also go into specific chart segments for detailed insights.

New version of the Azure DevOps Web Extension SDK

The Azure DevOps Web Extension SDK got an update in Q4 that provides support for ES (ECMAScript) modules in addition to the existing AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) modules. This means you can now import SDK using ES module syntax, which improves performance and reduces the size of the application.


Switch between HTML or Markdown on comments

Previously, there was a private preview introduced to enable Markdown for comments on work items. This was intended to eventually replace the existing HTML editor entirely. Following feedback, however, now you can switch between Markdown and HTML editors at the comment level. This will allow you to leave comments in the way that is most natural and productive to you.

Improved YAML validation

YAML is a powerful tool for building your pipelines, but only when the syntax is correct. To check this, you can use the Azure Pipelines web editor’s Validate functionality. As of Q4, YAML validation with this tool is even more thorough when it comes to expressions. Azure Pipelines will detect incorrect variable definitions and YAML conditions at the pipeline, stage, and job level.


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