If you are planning for a major tool set change, you came to the right place. We can assist you with various migration scenarios:

  • migrate from TFS on-premise to VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).
  • move across domains or consolidate multiple TFS Server instances.
  • migrate from other platforms like JIRA, Perforce, HP Quality Center, ClearQuest, ClearCase, Mantis, VSS, etc. to TFS

Migration Steps

Planning 100%
Dry-Run 100%
Validation and Training 100%
Live Migration 100%


We'll create a migration plan outlining the new TFS platform, the migrated data flow, the project milestones, the training schedule and everyone's responsibility.


We'll execute a dry-run migration. The team will have a chance to review and validate the new platform before the live migration. Targeted user training will cover the most common use scenarios on the new platform.

Live Migration

The new Team Foundation Server will be ready and all the data migrated. The users will receive the final instructions and a TFS expert will be ready to assist with questions and issues from the team.

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