We’ve helped companies implement automated builds and deployments since Team Foundation Server 2008. Back then, full-time build engineer positions were required to manage the entire process. Today, using Azure Pipelines, a 2-4 weeks engagement with an expert consultant will get your application deployment fully automated and ready to go. We can automate deployments for web sites, web services, SQL databases, reporting services, and many others.

Automation Steps

Prerequisites 100%
Pilot Deployment 100%
Handover 100%

Our Approach


We'll make sure your application is automation-ready. We'll review your platform and go over what needs to be done. For instance, the source code needs to be properly organized across branches before we can deploy it.

Pilot Deployment

We'll take one of your applications and full automate its deployment across all your environments: QA, Stage/UAT and Production.


Will walk through all aspects of the deployment automation with your team. You can use the pilot project as a blueprint for all your other projects or you can let us do it for you.

Auto Versioning

One place to manage your application version. Automatically generate version numbers (e.g. and embed them into your assemblies.

Web Sites

Deploy with one click, require a formal approval for the Production site, quickly rollback to the previous version - possibilities are endless.


Keep your database objects under source control and deploy SQL Server database changes on demand. TFS will generate and deploy only objects and data changed from the previous release.

Config Files

The automated deployment will update all web.config or app.config files for each environment. Your Test web site will never point to the production database again.

Branching Strategy

Safely deploy code-fixes to production without accidentally including code intended for the next release.

Other Projects

Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Web Services and many more. If a component can be deployed manually using the command line, we can automate it's deployment.


Support a rapid release cadence and manage simultaneous releases. Add approvers to sign off before deploying and track your releases as they are deployed to various environments.

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