Are you part of an organization which is constantly under release stress? Are you experiencing issues that make you and your developers less productive? You know that there are issues and there is potential for improvement but you don’t know where to start?

The purpose of the assessment is to review your existing DevOps processes, pinpoint your pain points and to formulate your short and long term plans for improvement.

We will provide you with recommendations for your organization’s DevOps implementation and connect you with experts who can best assist you. Based on the results we’ll propose and collaborate on drafting an action plan for improvements.

Our typical engagement takes 3 to 5 days and can be done onsite or remotely.

Initial Report Card Sample

Project Planning and Management
Source Control Management
Software Configuration Management
Testing and Quality Assurance
Deployments and Operations


We will set-up a series of technical interviews and meetings with key team members and stakeholders on your team.

Process Analysis

We'll discuss how you do things from beginning to end - from managing requirements, to development, testing, release management and support.


We will prepare a report with our findings and recommendations for improvement.

System Analysis

We'll take a look at your current systems and review past projects. History will often reveal interesting patterns. This will tell us how things are actually done in your organization.

Demo Project

We'll set-up a Demo project and use it to present new relevant features. The team can use it to experience new workflows first-hand and make more informed decisions.

Project Implementation

Once you decide the changes you want done, we'll work together with your team to make it happen.


The Azure DevOps Assessment will help you understand what works well and what doesn’t in your organization. Most importantly we can assist with remediation. Improving your processes is a continuous effort and performing regular health checks is highly recommended.

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