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Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3

With the recent release of Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Community feedback has been positive, with no major issues and an all-around excitement to implement the new features brought in with this update. This piece of Microsoft’s ALM solution is fully hosted by PRAKTIK and now offers SSH support for Git repos and a dashboard widget SDK. These additions will further enable the success of you and your organization.

SSH Support for Git Repos
With this update, you are able to connect to any TFS Git repository using only an SSH key. Not only is this helpful for developers using Mac or Linux, it offers more authorization security and protection from attack. For more information on this feature and how to put it into action, check out Microsoft’s ALM blog.

Bug Fixes
This update saw many important bug fixes in areas such as testing, Agile, Build, version control, and extensibility. Furthermore, new testing features were implemented: you are now able to dynamically set up test machines in the cloud through Azure, or on-premises through VMWare or SCVMM. You can learn more about installing and configuring test agents here.

Dashboard Widget SDK
In the past, your widget use was restricted to which widgets were made available to you out of the box. Now, with Update 3, you are able to create and employ your own widgets in addition to the out-of-the-box widgets. For more information on how to create an extension with multiple widgets, visit the Visual Studio’s Add a Dashboard Widget page.

You can find out more about TFS 2015 Update 3 by checking out the update’s release notes. You can also contact PRAKTIK’s team of experts at 1-888-PRAKTIK or for more information concerning this update and how PRAKTIK can empower you to be successful with TFS.