The mantra of the new Microsoft has been “any language, any platform.” No longer are you locked in to a single vendor for your development. Already invested in AWS? You’ll love this. This week, Amazon and Microsoft announced support of Amazon Web Services for VSTS.

Getting Started

This extension, found in the Marketplace, is also available for Team Foundation Server. It includes tasks for Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and even AWS Tools for PowerShell. For more information on the capabilities of this extension, visit the Amazon Web Services Developer Blog. To install this extension for use in your build and release pipelines, or to read more about its use in VSTS or TFS, visit the Marketplace.

This is not your daddy’s Microsoft. Gone are the days of vendor lock-in. This tech giant is working to make development seamless, no matter where you’re already invested. In fact, Microsoft is the largest contributor to open source on the planet. Microsoft does not only mean Windows. It does not only mean Office. Microsoft means developer. It means you.

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