Early this year, Atlassian altered their pricing model. This alteration resulted in a price increase for Jira users by about 15%. As you can imagine, this came as a blow to some enterprise customers and sent them looking for other options. Azure DevOps Services is one such alternative. In this post, we will discuss examples of comparative pricing between Jira and Azure DevOps Services.

Basic License Cost

Let’s imagine we have an enterprise with 5000 users. At the time of this writing, this number of users with a Jira enterprise license will cost roughly $518,000 USD annually. An Azure DevOps Services basic plan, on the other hand, will cost roughly $359,640 USD annually. It is also important to remember than these costs are, in some ways, not a true comparison. The Jira subscription only comes with Jira. The Azure DevOps basic plan comes with Pipelines, Boards, Repos, and Artifacts.

A cost breakdown of these annual prices per user would show that Jira costs $103.60 USD per user in our example of 5000 users. Azure DevOps Services costs $72 USD per user per year, with the first five users being free. That is more than a 30% difference in annual cost. This cost is offset even further by the fact that Azure DevOps has free stakeholder licenses for users that do not need to be in the code. Furthermore, users with a Visual Studio license also do not need an Azure DevOps license.

Extension Costs

Extensions are a great way to integrate different products together to create a custom solution. If, for instance, you use Jira for project management and Azure DevOps Services for build and release, you can use this add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace to integrate your products.

However, this add-on will cost our team of 5000 users around $30,000 USD annually, in addition to the license cost. This is true even if we want to use this extension for one project with 20 users.

Azure DevOps Services is everything you need to manage your application, from inception to monitoring. Therefore, each piece of the ecosystem is designed to integrate seamlessly, at no additional cost to you.



If you’re wondering whether making the switch from Jira to Azure DevOps Services is right for your team, contact our team of experts at PRAKTIK.