Tender loving care for your TFS platform. We’ll keep your Team Foundation platform up-to-date, keep track of licensing, monitor and tune performance, set-up the disaster-recovery plan and even execute it every year for good measure.


You have questions. We have answers. We’ll help your team better understand the full capabilities of the TFS platform and make the best decisions.


Smooth operations is key. We’ll deal with product updates, user provisioning, license management, user issues and team questions.


Out-of-the-box platform doesn’t fit? We’ll customize it to size, add custom reports and integrate with other systems like ZenDesk.


Approve and deploy code in minutes from Development to Production. Continuous Integration has never been easier.

Template Changes

Need to add a custom field in TFS or add an extra step in the flow? We'll review your needs, propose options and implement the changes as directed.

Branching Strategy

Not sure what's the best way to branch the code? An expert will review your code structure and recommend the most effective branching strategy for you.

Quarterly Releases

Microsoft is releasing TFS updates every quarter. We'll apply the updates with minimum interruption for your team.

Helpdesk 2 TFS

Create bugs or features in TFS directly from your helpdesk system (e.g. Zendesk). Keep helpdesk ticket notes in sync with the TFS history. Update helpdesk tickets when TFS work items are changed.

Email 2 TFS

Create new work items in TFS by sending an email to a designated email address.

Custom Reporting

We'll create custom reports to display exactly the data you need the way you need it.  An example would be reporting time spent on project per developer per task per day.


  • Seamlessly extend your existing IT Support team to address TFS-related issues.
  • Platform support for a fraction of the price of having internal TFS resources.
  • Predictable operational cost spread over time.
  • Technical Phone Support Line available 24×7.

We can customize service contracts to meet your needs. Our packages start from $1,200 per month and will cover any TFS related work.


  • Best for growing teams


  • Best for teams of 5-20 developers


  • Best for teams of 20+ developers

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