Are your Azure DevOps builds and releases taking forever to run? A lot of things have to go on behind the scenes for a successful deployment. For example, hardware must be allocated for your deployment. If you’re using a public pool of servers, or even a pool of your own, this can take some time. Additionally, build and release pipelines may not be as streamlined as they could be, therefore making everything take just a bit longer. In today’s world, time is precious. Let PRAKTIK Group make your builds and releases faster to give you some time back.

PRAKTIK’s Optimization Service

PRAKTIK is offering this optimization service is offered to our managed services customers. It follows a two-pronged approach. First, we will utilize optimized build machines that take advantage of data caches and RAM disks. This can be done using our infrastructure or your own. No matter which infrastructure you choose, our team will make sure it is refined for your specific use case.

Next, our team of experts will optimize your deployment process. To do this, we will implement a modern branching strategy and eliminate unnecessary artifacts from the build process. Furthermore, we will reduce the number of build and release pipelines required to build your application. All of this can dramatically reduce the time you spend waiting, which means more time available for testing and perfecting your application.

Getting Started

Getting started with our optimization service is as simple as sending an email or picking up the phone. Simply contact us, and our team will provide you with the expert service you need.