So you’ve decided to migrate from Jira to Azure DevOps. Where should you start? You’ve done some research on migration methods and tools, but haven’t yet found one that checks all the boxes for your organization. PRAKTIK has you covered: We’ve developed a custom solution to move your issues from Jira to Azure DevOps.


Our solution is tailored to your specific needs. It can handle migration of labels to tags, multi-choice fields, attachments, and links. There is also a smart filtering of unused field values; that is, only active field values are migrated. The solution supports batch processing to avoid resource overload, and it can be restarted from a failure point. Furthermore, it includes state workflow mapping from Jira to Azure DevOps, as well as separate rules for each issue type. You want to convert the newest Jira Fix Version into an ADO Iteration? We can do that, too.

Jira to Azure DevOps Migration


Because we aim for maximum flexibility, custom coding is a must. To do this, we work with you to create a set of migration rules – mapping Jira issue types, fields, states, and link types to Azure DevOps. Next, we code that in and execute a dry-run migration. Your team can then validate and sign off, all without any impact to the existing system. This approach will ensure the final migration will run without a hitch.

This solution is the only one on the market that has been designed with the express purpose of large-volume migration of 10,000 items or more. To get started today or to speak with one of our experts, contact us here at PRAKTIK.