The problem

At present, migrating projects from one organization to another is not supported in Azure DevOps. The workarounds can be arduous, with less-than-perfect results. For instance, if you just need to migrate your repo, you could simply use the built-in clone functions. You could also choose to export your data from Excel,but that option means you lose your history. Alternately, there are third-party tools such as Migration Tools for Azure DevOps and OpsHub, but these tools are not meant for a full, high-fidelity migration.

The solution

What you really need is a high-fidelity way to migrate all your project data – including all historical information (with a few exceptions) – from one instance to another. Luckily, PRAKTIK has you covered.

By utilizing the Azure DevOps REST API, we’ve created a tool that will allow you to take all of your project data and move it from one organization to another. You can move one project, just a few, or all of your projects; the choice is yours. You’ll keep your work item and GIT source code history, your build and release definitions, test information, and everything in between. The only thing that will appear different is your work item IDs. However, the original IDs can still be viewed.

To implement this at your organization, we will run a full dry run so that you can run tests and complete any validation requirements. Migration options including moving projects from a collection on-premises to an organization in the cloud; from one organization to another in the cloud; from one collection to another on-premises; or from an organization in the cloud to a collection on-premises.

To get started with your own high-fidelity migration, or to speak with an expert, contact us at PRAKTIK today.