An Azure DevOps license is an important tool in your developer’s toolbox. In fact, in some cases, it is the toolbox. To make sure your developers have this tool, they’ll need a Visual Studio Subscription or an Azure DevOps license. To ensure you’re not overpaying and that your developers are equipped to do their best work, PRAKTIK is offering an Azure DevOps License Management service.

Are you Overpaying?

Oftentimes, companies end up overpaying for their developer tools. This can stem from a variety of factors. Maybe paid users have left the company, but their subscription is still active and assigned to them. It is also possible some users have a higher license subscription than is needed, or they have unnecessary paid features. Or, maybe some users have licenses for each individual instance of Azure DevOps, as opposed to one license across the organization. For companies with hundreds of developers, any one of these factors can lead to spending thousands of dollars a month more than necessary.

Benefits of License Management

PRAKTIK can prevent these factors from affecting you by reviewing and updating the Azure DevOps licensing across your organization on a monthly basis. This can bring about major cost savings and cost avoidance for your company – up to 25%. With License Management, you will be able to identify actual software usage. This allows for the elimination of unused software and consolidation of software licenses. Better visibility into your license usage means you only buy what you need, rather than having too many licenses instead of repurposing existing unused licenses. For instance, in the below screenshot, there is a subscription that hasn’t been accessed since 2018. This is a perfect candidate for redistribution or deprovisioning.

Better visibility into software usage also means gaining better license coordination. Any license transfer, acquisition, or disposal becomes easy and efficient. You’re also ensuring your company doesn’t violate compliance terms. Furthermore, this insight into usage will allow for a more accurate IT budget moving forward.

For more information about Azure DevOps License Management, or to speak to an expert, contact us at PRAKTIK today.