We’re all looking for ways to reduce our development expenses. Sometimes, our expenses are driven up by keeping unused virtual machines, App Services, and SQL Servers in Azure. Alternately, these resources are over-provisioned, meaning we’re paying for more capacity than we actually need. Maybe there are resources you’re not quite sure where they go, but you’re afraid they’re important so you just hang onto them. All of this can increase our subscription costs, particularly for Azure resources in Dev and Test environments. The worst part is that it’s tough to track down these unused resources, especially when the volume of them is so great. So, they end up continuing to run and continuing to eat up cost.

With PRAKTIK’s managed services offering, you can cross this off your to-do list. We will periodically review all your Dev and QA resources to delete any unused items. We will also reorganize and consolidate resources to make sure your subscription costs are where they should be for your use case. Some customers find a 25%-50% decrease in their Azure resource costs by using this service.

At PRAKTIK we realize that every situation is different, so we tailor each managed services offering to meet the needs of each individual client. We can optimize your builds and releases, migrate your Azure DevOps projects, and so much more. If there isn’t a ready-made solution for your problem, we will create it and execute it for you. You will also have your own personal expert to answer any questions that may arise.

To learn more, or to get started today, contact our team of experts.