Version Control for TFS

If you are developing code and not using version control, start right now. I mean it. Right this second. It will, without a doubt, make your life easier. Version control is the method by which changes to information in your project are managed. This includes the ability to view changes and history, as well as revert or roll back these changes. When setting up a new team project in TFS 2015, you have the ability to choose which version control you’d like to set up: Team Foundation Version Control or Git.

Software release cycle

Why Release Management?

If you’re running Update 2 of TFS 2015, good news! You have access to a uniquely valuable feature called Release Management (RM). RM is a tool available both on-premises and in the cloud that allows you to automate your deployments and tests in multiple environments in your pipeline. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to fully automate your pipeline; you can actually create a semi-automated pipeline that allows you to manually intervene when you see fit. However, automation is a key component of DevOps, a practice that aims to enable you to continuously deliver value to your end users.

So which features haven’t made it to TFS 2017 yet?

Visual Studio 2017 Launch

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3

With the recent release of Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 3, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Community feedback has been positive, with no major issues and an all-around excitement to implement the new features brought in with this update. This piece of Microsoft’s ALM solution is fully hosted by PRAKTIK and now offers SSH support for Git repos and a dashboard widget SDK. These additions will further enable the success of you and your organization.

Visual Studio 2017 Launch

PRAKTIK Hosting takes a practical approach to Team Foundation Server Hosting

PRAKTIK Hosting, premier provider of Software-plus-Services for Microsoft Team System, has streamlined the source control migration process to enable small businesses to move from legacy Visual Source Safe to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). PRAKTIK Hosting is now providing free source control migration with their most popular TFS hosting offerings — Team 5 and Team 10 bundles.