It is important for a development team to be able to choose which tools work best for them. Jira is a popular bug and issue tracking system. It is also used for requirements and test case management. Azure Pipelines is a powerful CI/CD tool to automatically build, test, and ship your code. What if you want to use both? Azure Pipelines for Jira integrates the two tools to provide a seamless development experience.

Getting Started

Getting started is very simple. To use Azure Pipelines for Jira, you will need to install the extension from the Atlassian Marketplace. The extension will need to be linked to your Azure DevOps organization. Then, you need to enable “report deployment status to Jira” in your release pipeline, as well as provide a map of your deployment stages.

Using Azure Pipelines for Jira

One of the best parts of Azure DevOps is that you are free to integrate with whatever tool is going to make you successful. Azure Pipelines for Jira makes the integration that much easier with bidirectional end-to-end functionality. For example, the integration will add links to Jira issues as work items deployed with Azure Pipelines. It also enables you to view details about your Azure Pipelines deployment directly in Jira issues. Furthermore, you’ll be able to include Jira issues in release notes, as well as track issue delivery in Jira.

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