This month, the final release of Azure DevOps Server 2022 was made public. This final release was a roll up of bug fixes and features from previous release candidates. Let’s discuss some of the feature highlights you can expect with this latest version of Azure DevOps Server.

Delivery Plans

Delivery Plans provide an interactive calendar view of multiple team backlogs. It allows you to view a timeline view of the work, progress of the work, and dependency tracking. There are two main views of delivery plans: Condensed and Expanded. Condensed is more beneficial for at-a-glance information, while Expanded gives a fuller view. Both can be helpful visualizations of a project to enable effective planning and delivery.

This feature is available without an extension for Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server 2022.

Widget Improvements

The Group By Tags chart widget is now available by default. When using the widget, there is an option for tags. This can allow you to visualize your information by selecting all tags or a set of tags in the widget. Additionally, you can now display custom work items in your burndown widget. To try it out, browse the widget catalog.

Generate Unrestricted Token for Fork Builds

When Azure Pipelines builds contributions from a fork of a GitHub Enterprise repo, it restricts permissions and doesn’t allow pipeline secrets to be accessed. This can be more prohibitory than necessary in closed environments. While there are pipeline settings to make secrets available to forks, there is no setting to control the job access token scope. However, this feature allows you to generate a regular job access token, even for fork builds.

To get a full overview of the many features available in Azure DevOps Server 2022, visit the release notes. For more information, contact our team of experts here at PRAKTIK.