The most recent update to Azure DevOps Server includes many new features, as well as bug fixes. Some of the highlights include state transition rules in Boards, pull request experience improvements, and generic webhook-based triggers for YAML pipelines. You can directly install Azure DevOps Server 2020.1 or upgrade from Azure DevOps Server 2020, 2019, or Team Foundation Server 2015 or newer. The Data Migration Tool is estimated be available for this update of Azure DevOps Server by the end of June 2021.

State Transition Restriction Rules

The new state transition restriction work item type allows you to restrict work items from being moved to a different state. For example, you can restrict bugs from moving straight from New to Resolved. Instead, they will need to go from New to Active to Resolved. You can also use these restriction rules to restrict state transitions by group membership. This new feature helps to close the feature parity gap between hosted XML and the inherited process model.

Webhook-Based Triggers for YAML Pipelines

In the past, you were unable to automate your deployment process based on external events or services. Now, however, webhook trigger support in YAML pipelines has been enabled to allow you to integrate your pipeline automation with any external service. To learn how to configure your webhooks, see the documentation.

Pull Request Experience Improvements

This update to Azure DevOps Server is full of features to help improve your pull request experience. For example, the tree listing of files in a PR now shows a (+) to help individuals identify new files. Furthermore, aspects of the mobile view have been improved. This includes better usage of space to allow you to view more information. There is also an enhanced branching experience when creating a PR to enable you to compare changes with the compare branch instead of the default branch.

For a comprehensive list of features and bug fixes, visit the documentation. To learn more about installing or upgrading an Azure DevOps Server deployment, contact us at PRAKTIK.