Azure DevOps and Jira are two very popular development tools. If both tools are used by a team or organization, it can be difficult to keep track of what changes are where. This is where TFS4JIRA comes in. TFS4JIRA is a Jira plugin that functions as a migration, integration, and synchronization tool to bridge the gap between Jira and Azure DevOps.

Features of TFS4JIRA

One of the biggest draws for this plugin is the ability to automatically sync changes made to issues and work items between Azure DevOps and Jira. This includes attachments, comments, and changes in summary and labels. It also offers a simple association of Azure DevOps check-ins with Jira issues via a comment or note with the issue key. Once your TFS4JIRA profiles are set up, the plugin will work in the background, checking for new activity at an interval specified by you. TFS4JIRA works regardless of if solutions are deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

This plugin also enables you to migrate Azure DevOps to Jira. There, you can create your sync profile, complete with health checks. For a full list of features and capabilities, see the documentation.

Getting Started

To get started with TFS4JIRA, simply download and install the TFS4JIRA Synchronizer from your Jira instance. For a more seamless experience, however, PRAKTIK can do this for you. We can also customize and extend your implementation to make the integration as seamless as possible so you can get to work. Contact us here at PRAKTIK for a consultation.