Oracle Integration is a service that allows you to integrate your cloud and on-premises applications, automate processes, and develop visual applications. This service is built to be integrated with other tools. This integration can be done using pre-built adapters, or by leveraging its API. Using this integration capability, PRAKTIK has developed a tool to help you export your data from the Oracle Integration Cloud to Azure DevOps to take advantage of source control.

The Flow

This tool uses actions you’re already familiar with. You’ll start by exporting your code from the Development environment in the Oracle Cloud to an Azure Repo to be committed and versioned. Then, you’ll get a notification for approval. After it is approved, the code is imported into your next environment within the Oracle Cloud. Before each import into a new environment, an approval notification will be sent. Finally, it is imported into your Production environment back in Oracle where it will run.


How It Works

This tool leverages the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API to connect the Oracle Cloud to Azure DevOps. To use the tool, a developer will simply initiate a release. The data from Oracle Cloud is then pushed using Git to an environment in Azure DevOps as an IAR file. There, you can see the history of your application and compare changes more readily.

In Azure DevOps, your pipeline is fully customizable to your needs. You can even have an environment to roll back any unwanted changes.

Getting Started

The only pieces of information you need to begin are the URL to your Oracle Cloud and the login information for it. After that, the tool does the rest. For more information or to get started today, contact us here at PRAKTIK.