BizTalk Server, otherwise referred to simply as BizTalk, is a middleware product used to connect various systems. For example, you might be using a different system for your HR, your finances, and your CRM system. BizTalk sits in the middle of everything, making sure each tool is able to communicate and work together.

Deployment Framework for BizTalk

The deployment framework for BizTalk, or BTDF, is an Azure DevOps extension that facilitates the deployment and configuration of BizTalk applications. The tasks available in this extension include deployment, undeployment, and installing an MSI. BTDF does not build BizTalk applications, but it does eliminate all manual steps and human intervention in your deployment. The deploy/undeploy tasks in this extension require artifacts built using the BTDF Visual Studio extension. This VS extension can also help increase developer productivity with tools such as binding file management.

Automatic Deployment

Historically, deploying BizTalk solutions has been somewhat of a pain. The Deployment Framework for BizTalk extension for Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps Server will enable automatic deployment of your solution into all the environments in your release pipeline. These automated deployments can be made into a native part of your BizTalk development lifecycle.

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