Power BI is a business analytics solution that allows you to visualize and analyze data. This analysis can be helpful in determining what’s important, and it can be shared to aid in collaboration. In the Power BI service, you can test your content before releasing to customers using Microsoft’s Power BI deployment solution. However, the data in your particular Power BI service may be larger and more complex than the standard deployment solution supports. For these scenarios, PRAKTIK has developed a custom Power BI solution.

Microsoft’s Solution

In order to access the deployment pipelines feature, you’ll need to be an admin of a new workspace or have a Premium license. During deployment, Power BI will copy items such as datasets, reports, and dashboards into the target stage, provided they originate from a PBIX file. However, some items will not be copied, such as the URL, IDs, and certain permissions. Furthermore, the maximum number of Power BI items that can be deployed in one deployment is 300. This Power BI deployment solution is great for simpler, more standard use cases.

PRAKTIK’s Solution

For those scenarios that do require more fine-tuned control, PRAKTIK has developed a custom Power BI deployment solution. For example, we can handle large Power BI reports that are part of a greater app and includes databases, websites, and Power BI reports components. In addition, the solution is fully customizable to your needs. You can even have an environment to roll back any unwanted changes. This deployment will be fully automated, and will only require manual approvals or checkpoints from you if you so desire.

For more information, or to get started with your custom Power BI deployment solution, contact us here at PRAKTIK.