Managed TFS Services

If we look back at the history of the TFS as a product we can clearly see the evolution from an exclusively on premises product to cloud. At PRAKTIK we tailored our services based on demand regardless of the version of TFS or physical location.

Today we can manage your TFS platform regardless of the physical location: on premise, cloud hosted or on the Microsoft infrastructure. At PRAKTIK we understand that every organization is different. There is also no one-size-fit-all solution. We tailored our offerings to meet demand. And yes, as part of this you will also get your own personal TFS expert, ready to answer any questions.
You do not need to a hire a full time TFS expert, rather your can take advantage of our Managed TFS service offerings:

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If you are new to TFS or you just want to find our more about some features of TFS you can request a Product DEMO using the menu link above.

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Visual Studio 2017 Launch

PRAKTIK Hosting takes a practical approach to Team Foundation Server Hosting

PRAKTIK Hosting, premier provider of Software-plus-Services for Microsoft Team System, has streamlined the source control migration process to enable small businesses to move from legacy Visual Source Safe to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). PRAKTIK Hosting is now providing free source control migration with their most popular TFS hosting offerings — Team 5 and Team 10 bundles.
Change is easy for once — the experts from PRAKTIK handle the entire migration process and customers can be up-and-running on the new platform in as little as 48 hours. The benefits for the customer — hosting means no hardware to buy, no software licenses or support personnel and better yet, no implementation delays or variable costs. For a fixed monthly budget, the entire migration process as well as the post-migration support is simply taken care of.

The release of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 will take the Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) market to the next level. In today’s fast-paced world, companies need to be more agile and consistent in their development process. “We are helping small companies gear up and position themselves to be the first at the starting line of the who-gets-to-release-first race. You don’t have to be left behind just because this year’s hardware budget has been cut.”

PRAKTIK Hosting is an extension of PRAKTIK Consulting, a leader in the Microsoft Team System consulting and ALM services for the past 4 years. Their team of experts are assisting organizations with initiatives that involve Team System and we have are continuously delivering successful projects thought North America, Asia and Europe.
PRAKTIK Hosting is a Microsoft BizSpark Network Partner and was featured on the Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server official blog in December 2009. For more information about the company and their services, visit