Migrating to the cloud from an on-premises instance has many benefits. Specifically, enhanced security, flexibility, scalability, and simplified monitoring. Migrating to Azure DevOps Services in the cloud also offers the ability to access audit logs. Auditing is currently in Public Preview for Azure DevOps Services and is not available on-prem. Audit events can include permissions changes, branch policy changes, and more.

Access Audit Information

To view auditing, simply sign into your organization and select Organization settings. Then, select Auditing. From this page, you’ll be able to view audit information and export it if so desired.



By default, Project Collection Admins are the only ones with full access to auditing features. However, members of the Project Collection Valid Users group can also view and export audit logs.

Review Audit Logs

The audit logs record a ton of information, from the name and IP of the individual who triggered the event to the category and details of the event. Some of this information is viewable from the auditing page. These events must be search by time range. To view events on the auditing page, select the time filter on the top-right of the page. From there, you can select any time range over the last 90 days and narrow down your search to the minute.



However, some information – like the authentication mechanism and correlation IDs – can only be viewed by downloading the logs. Additionally, searching audit events in a downloaded log is more detailed, as you’re able to search by traits like area and category. Furthermore, any information that is older than 90 days must be downloaded to be viewed. To download the audit logs, select the Download button at the top right of the auditing page.

For questions about auditing or your migration into the cloud, contact our team of experts here at PRAKTIK.