Our Story

PRAKTIK was founded over a decade ago by a group of principal consultants who saw the demand for expert consulting services for streamlining Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps processes. Given our depth and expertise we settled on implementing our projects exclusively using Visual Studio and the Azure DevOps platform.

It did not take long before we started provide value and realize that there is a greater need for our services than we expected. We have literally grown in many ways, our customer base got larger, our global reach expanded and the company grew organically.

We did not stop with our efforts to grow, innovate and provide a great service. Long before Microsoft, we have launched our own Azure DevOps Cloud platform and saw immediate world-wide adoption. We kept going and diversified into Managed Services (DevOps) following customer demands and trends.

Today, we pride ourselves as true experts in the industry and we are continuously looking to assist organizations (big or small) to improve their ALM processes using the Azure DevOps platform.

Our Value Proposition

We try to keep things simple but provide value at the same time, one may think that is an easy task. In reality we strive to provide you with:

  1. Direct access to consulting resources who provide cutting-edge Azure DevOps consulting services to a plethora of mid-sized and enterprise companies across multiple continents.
  2. Unparalleled expertise when you need it. We speak DevOps and we have seen a lot of things in past decade.
  3. Great Customer Support is not a misused term at PRAKTIK. We can prove it easily :).

Our Philosophy

We excel in providing solutions that actually solve problems. We don’t want you to invest in a cloud-based service simply because it looks cool on your profile.

Our services can actually bring down your costs drastically and shorten your project life cycle by enabling you to track the details of your entire Application Lifecycle Management process.

We’ll be happy to provide you all the details that you may need and find solutions that meet your needs.

Our Trusted Clients

Some of the most visible companies and brands throughout the world, have used PRAKTIK services to improve processes, communication and collaboration in their organizations. This is a partial list of companies we have worked with in the past ten years.

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