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Expert TFS Consulting

Why not work with a world class Team Foundation Server team of experts? With our depth in TFS you will be a step ahead of the game. Our consulting staff is ready to help with your most complex challenges and tasks. Our expertise has been gained from high caliber projects and we are continuously migrating or on-boarding our global customers to TFS.

Managed Team Foundation Server

We manage your TFS platform regardless of the physical location: on-premise, cloud-hosted or on the Microsoft infrastructure. At PRAKTIK we understand that every organization is different. There is also no one-size-fit-all solution. We tailored our offerings to meet demand. And yes, you will also get your own personal TFS expert, ready to answer any questions.

Microsoft Team Services

Best for small teams. First to get access to new features and instant access to a Team Foundation Server expert.

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Best for growing teams. The full benefits of an on-premises implementation without any internal hardware or labor cost.

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Best for teams with complex requirements. Deployed internaly with more features and security options.

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Managed Team Foundation Server Plans

Managed Microsoft VSTS

$20per user/per month + VSTS License
  • Internet access only
  • Immediate access to latest features
  • Global Availability
  • Standard Reporting
  • 5 FREE VSTS Licenses

Managed Cloud TFS

$40per user/per month
  • Internet access only
  • Control the timing for service upgrades
  • Control physical data location
  • Standard Reporting
  • 30 days free trial

On-Premise TFS

$50per user/per month
  • Intranet or Internet access
  • Control the timing for service upgrades
  • Control physical data location
  • Additional Reporting
  • Free Consultation

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Our Clients

Some of the most visible companies and brands throughout the world, have used PRAKTIK services to improve processes, communication and collaboration in their organizations. This is a partial list of companies we have worked within the past ten years.

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