Expert TFS and Azure DevOps Consulting

Why not work with a world class Azure DevOps team of experts? With our depth in Azure DevOps and TFS, you will be a step ahead of the game. Our consulting staff is ready to help with your most complex challenges and tasks. Our expertise has been gained from high caliber projects and we are continuously migrating or on-boarding our global customers to Azure DevOps.

Managed Services - Azure DevOps

We manage your platform regardless of the location: on-premise TFS, Azure DevOps or deployed on your IaaS infrastructure. At PRAKTIK we understand that every organization is different. There is also no one-size-fit-all solution. We tailored our offerings to meet demand. And yes, you will also get your own personal TFS and Azure DevOps expert, ready to answer any questions.

Managed Services

For companies that want to outsource the management of their on-premise TFS or Azure DevOps platform and realize the full benefits of DevOps.

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Azure DevOps Premier Support

Best for teams that want to adopt Azure DevOps. Onboarding, migration and on-going support . On-demand access to an Azure DevOps expert.

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Cloud Hosted Azure DevOps Server

Best for teams where Azure DevOps is not an option. A dedicated cloud-hosted Azure DevOps server with full-control. Available on the PRAKTIK private cloud, Azure or Amazon.

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Our Clients

Some of the most visible companies and brands throughout the world, have used PRAKTIK services to improve processes, communication and collaboration in their organizations. This is a partial list of companies we have worked within the past ten years.

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